A pikachu clone based off a chinchilla~

2020.10.22 05:49 LovelyGirafarig A pikachu clone based off a chinchilla~

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2019.11.26 20:46 N-S-W-2 Chinka wtargnęła na posesję Trumpa. Jest wyrok.

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2019.11.08 21:59 stroke_bot involucellated ragstone absorbefacient blepharitic intimas

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2019.10.24 14:02 georgialeemilton Strange events during my overnight shifts on campus are getting worse (pt 2)

This is Part 2 to a series of posts surrounding weird events going on on my campus. I suggest reading Part 1 just to give you a better understand of what’s going on here, not that I really know much more. Again I post this stuff seeking help from the nosleep community because y’all seem to know way more than I do!
My shift after seeing... well, whatever it was, went pretty smoothly. I felt kind of odd when I got off work (maybe it’s the sleep deprivation). It was so weird walking back by the park, now occupied with students, all blissfully unaware of what had been looming there only hours before.
After my last post, I decided to call my mom about the whole ordeal. Shonda is normally relatively rational.
“Are you sure it wasn’t just a shadow? Or maybe a fallen branch?” She asked. I expected her to say something dismissive, but not so “early-2000s-3%-on-Rotten-Tomatoes-horror-film” dismissive.
“Well, if something was really standing that still and looked that odd, I wouldn’t imagine it was alive!” she said when I called her out on her basic mom tendencies. For a brief moment, I thought maybe she was right.
I remember when I was little and even into my late teens I always felt like I could see people standing in the corner of my room or sitting in my floor playing with my toys. She was always quick to remind me of my active imagination and how paired with anxiety I made up fake monsters. As I started to get older, I started to realize that. I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder pretty young so I could usually calm myself down, but I've never really been able to shake the feeling of eyes on me while I slept.
My attempt at a pre-class nap was all but hopeless. I tossed and turned. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw that figure all over again. No, it couldn’t have been a branch. It was certainly not a shadow.
I decided to get up, grab a coffee, and head for class. But something was pulling me back to the park.
One reddit user commented on my last post that I was breaking horror movie rule number one: never go near anything that doesn’t look right. The thing is, when I saw it I didn't feel immediately threatened. I was just spooked more than anything. I can't explain why I kept moving. I just did.
So I went back. I don’t know why, but I went back.
I approached the bridge, even prettier in the daylight, and was shocked to see not many people around. The park is directly behind the theatre building so there’s normally a few actors practicing lines or just being “artsy.” But for a Tuesday afternoon it was relatively barren.
I walked across the bridge, standing directly in the middle right where I had seen the thing. I don't even know what I went looking for, but what I saw made my stomach drop out of my ass.
Two large black ovular spots on the bridge. Feet prints I’m guessing? But there were tiny black vine-like markings branching out from them, almost like pausing the Venom movie right as he’s starting to take over a person. I just stared at them, not really knowing what to think.
The one thing I did know: I was taking a different route tonight.
3 am rolled around all too soon. I barely slept. The little sleep I got was riddled with nightmares and again just that feeling like someone else was in the room with me. But regardless, I fixed my drinkable coffee and a bowl of oatmeal and went downstairs to chat with my sorority house's security guard Robert for a few minutes.
I didn't bother him with the details. I just told him I was really nervous as I walked across campus. He asked if I had any means of protecting myself like a knife or a taser. I laughed inwardly at the thought of me wielding any sort of close-quarters weapon at whatever I had seen. Those long arms I'm sure could reach me from several feet away.
"Just be aware of your surroundings," Robert said plainly, not one to let any sort of expression take over his words. He was a pretty blunt, stern guy having served many years in the Marine Corps back in the 80s and 90s. But he was also kind-hearted and cared about the protection of all the girls in the house. "I think you'll be alright."
I tossed the last few bites of my oatmeal and fixed my scalding coffee. It may not do me any good against this thing, but at least if I encountered some belligerent frat boy I'd be good. My route passed through a pretty well lit area of campus, a lot of the department buildings lining the road. I would pass the main library and the student union and then...
Oh, god...
It hadn't occurred to me I would be walking right through the quad, right where the second girl had been found. Then past the bell tower, the site of the third death. I was already too far in. And because my fear of being late is apparently greater than my fear of death (college, man.), I knew I didn't have time to turn around and go a different way.
I tried to just stay on the side walk, close to the road illuminated with streetlights. I began quietly speaking to myself. It was utter nonsense really, but it was just something to break the eerie silence. I passed under the canopies of Spanish moss in the large oak trees above me, not daring to look up. Occasionally it would brush my face, I couldn't fight off the image of one of those long arms reaching down from the tree and that's what I was actually feeling. I never looked behind me, only forward, keeping a brisk pace as I did.
Until finally...
I made it. I walked right up to the doors of the residence hall and released a breath I didn't know I'd been holding. I went to scan my key card but of course it wasn't working. I have a card from four years ago and all of the scanners have been recently updated so its normally a 50/50 shot it works. But unfortunately when its your key to get into the building you work in, it can pose a bit of a problem.
I called the front desk for whoever was the shift before me to let me in, but I was surprised when they didn't answer. I peered in through the window and to my alarm there was no one at the desk. I started to get pretty nervous. But thankfully I remembered there was an RA on-call to answer any late night calls. They met me at the front door, sleepily letting me in the building.
"Yeah, whoever was here before got sick and went home," he informed me. I found this odd. We normally send in a group text if we have to leave the desk at any time. But maybe she had just forgotten.
I set up my laptop, burning through a few episodes of "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood," my favorite show when I'm feeling anxious. The only downside to the show is I can get too relaxed. I started having trouble staying awake around 6am, still dark outside and no students up and stirring yet.
I was brought out of my sleepy daze by a noise at the front doors. Often, students lose or forget their keycards and will start jiggling the door, a very unmistakable noise: ka-chinka-chinka-chinka-chink. But this wasn't what the noise was. Sometimes they'll get frustrated I'm not letting them in (which I'm not allowed to do for safety reasons) and start banging on the door, but it didn't sound like that either. Rather, it was a slow, rhythmic tapping at the door.
It almost seemed like tiny pebbles being thrown at the glass in sequence. I leaned forward from the desk, usually able to see people standing there. But the reflection from the lights inside on the glass paired with the darkness of the early morning prevented me from seeing anyone outside. I stood, leaning just a little farther out to see all of the doors when suddenly the tapping stopped... Then picked up.
I walked behind the desk and over to the wall parallel with the doors. From there, the glare wasn't't as bad. I could see all of the doors, and anyone outside them couldn't see me. As soon as I got out of the line of sight, the tapping stopped again. It resumed the previous rhythm and I used my spot to try and get a better look. I peered at the glass for a while and that's what I saw it.
A fingernail, more like a talon.
It had to be nine inches long but thin and appeared very sharp. I couldn't see a hand or any other fingers. That one fingernail made my entire body stiff. I reached in my pocket, carefully pulling out my phone to call campus police, but before I could, the fingernail gave one last hard tap cracking the glass around it, but not shattering the window.
I suddenly felt sick. While the tapping stopped and whatever it was seemed to be gone as the light began to hit the door frame, I knew. Whatever was at the door had to be what I saw on the bridge.
The rest of my shift was quiet I am home and will attempt at sleep. Please, if anyone has any advice for me, let me know.
I work tomorrow.
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2019.09.26 04:56 stroke_bot actinocrinite camoufleur squally

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2019.06.21 21:59 stroke_bot holohyaline

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2019.04.09 14:00 everyotaku4free A series of short film from 1982 and 21 of the manga, and the anime series "Chinka team "Dark Train War" was founded into DVD in the first...

A series of short film from 1982 and 21 of the manga, and the anime series "Chinka team "Dark Train War" was founded into DVD in the first title" of a manga "March 2009) is an extra episode bundled with the limited edition of the series.
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2019.03.06 08:42 removalbot 03-06 07:42 - 'rename one to chinka with a silent k / problem solved' by /u/green_bin_coon removed from /r/history within 557-567min

rename one to chinka with a silent k
problem solved
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2019.01.17 17:51 TheMudButler Puh-chinka

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2018.05.10 20:07 farfelchecksout [TOMT] shitty kid’s hand clapping game I haven’t heard in 25 years

It was a clapping game a la ‘Miss Mary Mack’ or ‘Down by the banks’ only the lyrics were nonsense and there were only two moves. It was only one that the boys could do. The final verse sounded something like ‘Massa chinka chinka, chinka chinka chock! Follow follow follow follow follow— 1,2,3,4,5...10’ It was played by two people and each would hold their hands like this- 👏, and clap them in a side to side motion. The only time the clapping motion changed was at the end during the count to ten, when you switch to a 🙌, and do up and down slaps. There might have been a violent element at the very end—but that could have just been playground rules.
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2018.04.15 21:19 blechniven Why did Bob Weir change his guitar's sound?

The early sounds is much more "smooth" sounding. His later years until now, he's got this metallic, "chinka-a-chinka" sound. The only thing I can guess is that cocaine is a hellava drug...
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2017.10.03 19:06 indiaundelete [#119+14] Banned from randia for calling the Chinese chinkas in comments. [/r/bakchodi]

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Some people that I see in videos get there armour to make a little Chinka chinka chinka chink noise when they walk around and I want similar results. I really like that kinda noise and I was wondering if anyone knows any armor that makes this kinda noise? I know that stats really don't matter when it comes to armour in DSIII so...
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This language is spoken as a second language by many people, but is often associated with crime. The Hutts, who primarily speak it, often associate themselves with crime.
A (ay) 1. Du. 2. Un. 3. Do.
Activate (act eh vayte) v. 1. Rundee.
Alone (ah lohn) adj. 1. Solo. (12)
Amazing (ah maiz ing) adj. 1. Inkabunga.
And (and) conj. 1. An. 2. Chone. 3. Um.
Another (ann uth ur) 1. Andoba.
Antennae (an ten ay) n. 1. Tenya.
Any (enn ee) 1. Kickee.
Anybody (enn ee bah dee) 1. Kickeeyuna.
Around (ah round) adj. 1. Dee boonkee.
Away (ah way) adj. 1. Neechu.
Backstage (bak staij) adj. 1. Backa.
Bad (badd) adj. 1. Goola.
Band (band) n. 1. Banda.
Bargain (bar gun) n. 1. Bargon
Back (bak) 1. Bata.
Bed (behd) n. 1. Koga.
Bet (bett) n. 1. Buttmalia.
Better (bett ur) 1. Mo gootu. (7)
Big (big) adj. 1. Porko.
Big-time (big tyme) adj. 1. Porkman.
Bitch (bich) n. 1. Schutta. (16)
Blaster (blass tur) n. 1. Blastoh.
Body (bah dee) n. 1. Yuna.
Boss (bawss) n. 1. Lorda.
Bother (bah thur) v. 1. Baatu baatu.
Bounty hunter (bown tee hun tur) n. 1. Murishani.
Boy (boi) n. 1. Peedunkee. 2. Bukee. 3. Nyee.
Brain damage (brayne dam uj) n. 1. Rocka rocka.
Bring (bring) v. 1. Koose.
Burnout (bern owt) n. 1. Skocha. (9)
Burp (berp) n. 1. Howdunga.
Business (biz ness) n. 1. Poonoo. (13)
Buy (bye) v. 1. Bedwana.
Cake (cayk) n. 1. Waffmula.
Can I (kan eye) 1. Kavaa.
Careful (cair fool) 1. Chess ko.
Challenge (chal lenj) n. 1. Hodrudda.
Champion (champ ee un) n. 1. Champio.
Charge (charj) v. 1. Chinka. (9)
Cheat (cheet) v. 1. Cheeska. 2. Cheeta.
Check (chek) v. 1. Wabdah.
Classic (klass ick) n. 1. Magi.
Competition (comp uh tish un) n. 1. Hodrudda. 2. Magi.
Computer program (komm pyu tur pro gramm) n. 1. Pogwa.
Confederacy (kon fedd ur ah see) n. 1. Confeeba. (13)
Consider (kun sid ur) v. 1. Ka tinka. (13)
Contract (lon trakt) n. 1. Niboba.
Crazy (kray zee) adj. 1. Loca. (12)
Credit (kred it) n. 1. Creeda.
Credit Card (kred it cahrd) n. 1. Creeta.
Crop (krop) n. 1. Von.
Cruiser (croo zer) n. 1. Teesaw.
Darn it (dahrn it) 1. Chuba.
Dancers (dan surz) n. 1. Whirlee.
Dancing Girl (danss ing gurl) n. 1. Chik youngee.
Dangerous (dain jur us) adj. 1. Azalus.
Deal (deel) n. 1. Bargon.
Dessert (dee zurt) n. 1. Lickmoomoo.
Die (dye) v. 1. Nee choo.
Do not (doo nott) 1. Hagwa. 2. Ap-xmasi.
Don't (doant) 1. Hagwa.
Double (dub bul) adj. 1. Fofo.
Double-crossing (dub bul kraws sing) adju. 1. Dopa-meeky. (12)
Dowager (dow wah jur) adj. 1. Dowagha.
Drink (drink) n. 1. Yocola.
Droid (droyd) n. 1. Droi.
Droids (droydz) n pl. 1. Droida.
Drool (drool) n. 1. Sleemo poy.
Drop (drahp) v. 1. Hasa.
Dump (dump) n. 1. Dumpa.
Dusters (dus turs) n. 1.Dusta.
Ejector seat (ee jek tur seet) n. 1. Keejeckta.
Engines (en jinz) n. 1. Mota. 2. Bota.
Enjoy (en joy) v. 1. Panwa.
Every (ev ur ree) 1. Miki.
Everybody (ev ur ree bodd ee) n. 1. Mikiyuna.
Excuse me (ecks kyuz mee) 1. Chut chut.
Fancy (fann see) adj. 1. Lapti. (8)
Fast (fast) adj. 1. Shado. (7)
Faster (fas tur) adj. 1. Gran Shado. (7)
Fellow (fell oh) adj. 1. Footoo. (13)
Film (film) n. 1. Holo.
Final (fy nul) adj. 1. Fa.
First Class (ferst klass) n. 1. Yuna puna.
Fodder (fodd ur) n. 1. Poodoo.
Fool (fool) n. 1. Stupa. 2. Stoopa. 2. Stupa.
For (fore) 1. Che.
Foreigner (far in ur) n. 1. Outmian. 2. Ootman.
Fresh (fresh) adj. 1. Flootah.
Friend (frend) n. 1. Pateesa.
From (frum) 1. Du. 2. Tuta.
Front line (frunt line) n. 1. Tula moosta. (7)
Fry (fri) v. 1.Crispo.
Garden(s) (gard ennz) n. 1. Bootana.
Get out (gett owt) v. 1. Pushee.
Glorious (glor ee us) adj. 1. Grandio.
Go (goh) v. 1. Bolla.
Going (go ing) v. 1. Koona.
Good-bye (good by) ?. 1. Mee jewz ku.
Grand (grand) 1. Granee.
Great (grate) adj. 1. Grancha. (12)
Greetings (gree tingz) ?. 1. H'chu apenkee. 2. Chut chut. 3. Toogi.
Guards (gards) n. 1. Gardo. (12)
Gun (gun) n. 1. Wanga.
Hail (hail) v. 1. Yavoo.
Hands (handz) n. 1. Kapa.
Hazardous (haz or duhs) adj. 1. Azalus.
He is (hee iz) 1. Hees.
Hello (hell loh) 1. Achuta.
Help (help) v. 1. Hopa. (3)
Her (hur) 1. Cheekta.
Here (heer) 1. Wata. 2.Unko?.
Here is (heer iz) 1. Vota. (7)
Hex (hecks) n. 1. Fierfek. (14)
Holonet (hoh loh nett) n. 1. Halapu.
Hot (hott) adj. 1. Hotsa.
Home (hohm) n. 1. Bunky dunko.
Host (hoast) n. 1. Lust.
How (how) ?. 1. Kava.
How much (how much) 1. Kava.
Hungry (hunn gree) adj. 1. Kayfoundo. (11)
Hutt-size (hutt syze) adj. 1. Huttuk.
I (eye) pron. 1. Jee. 2. Me. 3. Mi. 4. Mee.
I am (eye am) 1. Dobrah.
Idiot (id ee ott) n. Koochoo.
Imperial (im peer ee ul) adj. 1. D'emperiolo.
Imperial Cruiser (im peer ee ul krooz ur) n. 1. D'emperiolo teesaw.
In (inn) adj. 1. Noleeya.
Incredible (in kred uh bul) adj. 1. Inkabunga.
Inferior (inn feer ee ur) adj. 1. Con.
Is (i) 1. Sa.
It is (itt iz) 1. Soong. Also It's.
I want (eye wunt) 1. Oto.
Jedi (Jed eye) n. 1. Jedai.
Joke (jok) n. 1. Na yoka. 2. Joka.
Juices (joo sez) n. 1. Reeta.
Kidnap (kid nap) v. 1. Jujiminmee.
Kill (kil) v. 1. Killee. 2. Crispo. 3. Killya.
Kind [of] (kind) adj. 1. Kankee.
Large (larg) adj. 1. Grancha. (12)
Last fool (last fool) n. 1. Beesga.
Late (layte) adj. 1. Alay.
Latest (layte est) adj. 1. Kagwa.
Let's go (letts goh) ?. 1. Boska.
Look for (luhk for) 1. Stuta. (9)
Looks like (luhks lyke) 1. Stuka. (9)
Low-down (loh doun) adj. 1. Doompa.
Lucky (luk ee) adj. 1. Gusha.
Man (man) n. 1. Nek. (8)
Maybe (may bee) 1. Haba. (13)
Me (mee) 1. Je.
Meal (meel) n. 1. Yafulkee.
Message (mess ehj) n. 1. Wankee.
Methinks (mee thinks) 1. Meendeeya. (7)
Mighty (mite tee) adj. 1. Wonky.
Money (mun ee) n. 1. Moulee-rah.
Motel (mh tell) n. 1. Motal.
Move (moov) v. 1. Yatuka. 2. Pushee. 3. Doopee.
Movie (moov ee) n. 1. Holo.
My (my) 1. Ma. 2. Mwa. 3. Myo. 4. My.
Myself (my self) 1. Magoosa. (12)
Naptime (nap tyme) n. 1. Hunka be.
Nebulus (neb yu less) n. 1. Nebuli.
Neck (nek) n. 1. Punda.
Never mind (nev ur mind) 1. Chut chut.
New (noo) adj. 1. Newpa.
Newest (noo est) adj. 1. Kagwa.
Nice (nis) adj. 1. Leah.
No (no) 1. Nobata. 2. Noah. 3. No.
Not (not) adj. 1. Chuba. 2. Nopa. 3. Not.
Not bad (not bad) 1. Nagoola.
Now (nou) 1. Ateema.
Nuisance (noo sunce) n. 1. Hotshuh. (13)
Off (awf) adj. 1. Ovv.
Offer (awf ur) n. 1. Choba. (13)
Okay (oh kay) ?. 1. Eniki. 2. Okey-okey.
One (won) n. 1. Wanga. 2. Wompa.
Opened (oh pennd) v. 1. Wata. (13)
Or (or) 1. Mo.
Out (owt) adj. 1. Nenoleeya.
Outlander (owt lan dur) n. 1. Outmian. 2. Ootmian.
Outside (owt syde)) adj. 1. Cheesa. (13)
Paid (pade) vp. 1. Moolee-rah.
Pal (pale) n. 1 Punchee. (9)
Palace (pale liss) n. 1. Bunko. (12)
Parts (pahrtz) n. 1. Parchee.
Pay (pay) v. 1. Wamma.
Payment (pay ment) n. 1. Mu-moolee. 2. Moulee rah.
Payoff (pay awf) n. 1. Makacheesa.
Percent (pur sent) n. 1. Luto.
Pie (py) n. 1. Patogga.
Pit Droid (pit droyd) n. 1. Peet Droid.
Place (playse) adj. 1. Pa.
Planet (plan it) n. 1. Planeeto.
Please No equivalent in Huttese.
Podrace (pod rayss) n. 1. Choppa chawa.
Podracer vehicle (pod ray sur vee hick ul) n. 1. Pota.
Poop (poop) n. 1. Poodoo.
Poor (poor) adj. 1. Con.
Power (pow ur) n. 1. Pawa.
Price (pryce) n. 1. Che copah.
Program (pro gramm) n. 1. Pogwa.
Punk (punk) n. 1. Peedunkey.
Queen (queen) n. 1. Kwee-Kunee.
Race (raice) n. 1. Hodrudda. v. 1. Chawa.
Ransom (ran sum) n. 1. Gopptula.
Real (reel) adj. 1. Ree.
Receipt (reh seet) n. 1. Chimpa.
Republic (ree pubb lik) n. 1. Publiko. (13)
Reigning (rain ing) 1. Granee.
Rookie (rook ee) n. 1. Rookie.
Sail Barge (sayl barj) n. 1. See'ybark.
Sand (sand) n. 1. Sando.
Satisfactory (sat iss fakt or ree) adj. 1. Foonta. (11)
Say (say) v. 1. Settah. (13)
Scrapmetal (scrap mett uhl) n. 1. Junkie. (9)
Scum (skum) n. 1. Goo. (11) 2. Kung.
Scurrier (sker ee er) n. 1. Scuzzi.
Search (serch) v. 1. Boska.
See (see) v. 1. Stuka. (9)
Sell (sel) v. 1. Dwana.
Shape-shifter (shayp shif tur) n. 1. Shapa-keesay. (12)
Shipments (ship ments) n. 1. Spastika.
Shoot! (shoot) ?. 1. Keepuna!
Shoulder (shol dur) n. 1. Bongo.
Sixth (sicksth) adj. 1. Steeth.
Slave (slaiv) n. 1.Shag.
Sleep (sleep) v. 1. Winkee.
Slime-ball (slyme bahl) n. 1. Slimo.
Slowly (slo lee) adv. 1. Slagwa.
Smile (smy uhl) v. 1. Smeeleeya.
Smoking (smoke ing) adj. 1. Puffee.
Smuggler (smug lur) n. 1. Ulwan.
Snack (snak) n. 1. Smak telia.
Somewhere (sum wair) n. 1. Tchuta.
Space (spayce) n. 1. Doma toma.
Spaceport (spayss poort) n. 1. Panksta. (13)
Spaceship (spayce ship) n. 1. Pankpa. 2. Teesaw.
Spicy (speye see) adj. 1. Hotsa.
Starting line (start ing line) n. 1. Tula moosta. (7)
Steal (steel) v. 1. Moocha.
Strained (straynd) adj. 1. Binggona.
Style (sty ull) n. 1. Stell. (13)
Suction cups (suck shun kups) n. 1. Sookee koopa.
Surprising (sur priz ing) adj. 1. Inkabunga.
Systems consultant (sis temmz kon sull tent) n. 1. Poolyee yama.
Tart (tart) n. 1. Pagona.
Tentacles (ten tah kullz) n. 1. Tonta.
That (that) adj. 1. Da. (12)
That one (that wohn) n. 1. Da wanga.
The (thuh) 1. Ta. 2. Bu. 3. Jah. 4. Doe.
Them (them) pron. 1. Hoohah.
There (thair) n. 1. La. 2. Ya.
Think (think) v. 1. Tinka.
Throat (throte) n. 1. Hoopa.
Tie (ty) v. 1. Tee.
Time (tyme) n. Tee-tocky.
Tips (tips) n. 1. Spits.
To (too) 1. Tah. (10)
Together (too geth ur) 1. Weeteebah. (13)
Too (too) adj. 1. Peetch.
Turn (turn) v. 1. Moova.
Two-faced (too faysd) adj. 1. Dopa-maskey. (12)
Type [of] (tipe) adj. 1. Kankee.
Underground (un dur grownd) adj. 1. Unubunko. (12)
Up (up) adj. 1. Tonka.
Upgrade (upp grayde) v. 1. Hataw.
Vault (vawlt) n. 1. Locktulla. (11)
Vegetarian cuisine (vej ah tair ee en kwi zeen) n. 1. Kimbabaloomba.
Very (vair ree) adj. 1. Ree.
Vice-president (veyes prez ih dent) n. 1. Nupee nupee.
Visit (viz it) v. 1. Kyotopa.
Yeah (yaih) 1. slang Yeah.
You (yu) pron. 1. Chuba.
Waking Planet (waik ing plan et) n. 1. Da Soocha. 2. Gla Soocha.
Want (wunt) v. 1. Naga.
War (woor) n. 1. Nudcha. (13)
Warranty (war un tee) n. 1. Wontahumpa.
We (wee) pron. Jee-jee.
Weak-minded (week mine ded) adj. 1. Maya. (7)
Weapon (weh pun) n. 1. Punyoo. 2. Blastoh.
Welcome (well cum) 1. Chowbasa. 2. Chowbaso.
What (wot) n. 1. Haku. 2.Choy?.
When (wen) ?. 1. Joppay. 2. Whao.
Where (wayr) ?. 1. Konchee.
Which is (wich iz) 1. Coo sa. (11)
Who (hoo) ?. 1. Coo.
Who is (hoo iz) 1. Coo sa. (11)
Why haven't (wy hav ent) 1. Wanta.
Wine (wine) n. 1. Gocola.
Wish (wish) n. 1. Waba. (13)
With (with) 1. Foo. 2. Gee.
Woman (wum an) n. 1. Cheeka. (12)
Wookiee (woo kee) n. 1. Wooky.
Worm (wurm) n. 1. Wermo.
Would like (wood lyke) v. 1. Vopa.
Yeah (yaa) 1. Eh.
Yes (yess) ?. 1. Tagwa.
You (yu) pron. 1. Uba. 2. Chuba. 3. U.
Your (yor) 1. Do.


This is a primitive dialect spoken by the ewoks that Luke and Leia came across on Endor's moon. Their language is quite simple.
Alas (ah lass) 1. Yud ehda.
Arrow (air row) n. 1. Dutak.
Axe (ax) n. 1. Eekeetuhkuh.
Baby (bay bee) n. 1. Theesa.
Bad (bad) adj. 1. Ehda.
Beautiful (bee a yu tee fool) adj. 1. Luu.
Be careful (bee cair fool) 1. Danvay.
Berry (burr ee) n. 1. Sleesh.
Big (big) adj. 1. Ekla.
Branch (branch) n. 1. Jarat.
Bring (bring) v. 1. Chesl.
Brother (bruh thur) n. 1. Fruk.
Can you...? (kan yu) 1. Coro.
Cave (kayv) n. 1. Kreeth.
Celebrate (sell uh brate) v. 1. Coatee-cha. 2. Allayloo.
Child (chy uld) n. 1. Theesa.
Circle (sur kul) n. 1. Fulu.
Clearing (kleer ing) n. 1. Pibooka.
Climb (klym) v. 1. Yuf.
Come (kuhm) v. 1. Tyatee.
Cook (kuhk) v. 1. Entzahee roda.
Correct (kor rekt) adj. 1. Yesh.
Council of Elders (cown sul uhv el durz) n. 1. Treeta Dobra.
Cup (cupp) n. 1. Yiyult.
Dance (danss) v. 1. Reh rehluu.
Danger (dain jur) n. 1. Hutar.
Direction (dur rek shun) n. 1. Bi toto.
Door (dor) n. 1. Sirut.
Down (down) adj. 1. Jad.
Drink (drink) n. 1. Gleeg.
Dumb (dumm) adj. 1. Lurd.
Early (url lee) adj. 1. Neetuhl.
Eat (eet) v. 1. Roda.
Enough (ee nuff) adj. 1. Choo doo.
Evil (ee vill) adj. 1. Ehda.
Face (fayss) n. 1. Jeejee.
Far (fahr) adj. 1. Eleeoth.
Far away (fahr ah way) adj. 1. Bok chuu-ock.
Father (fah thur) n. 1. Deej.
Female baby ewok (fee mail bay bee ee wok) n. 1. Mookiee. (1)
Fetch (fech) v. 1. Chesl.
Fire (fy ur) n. 1. Siz.
Flower (flow ur) n. 1. Luufi.
Food (fude) n. 1. Manna manna.
Foot (fuht) n. 1. Jadgreh.
Forest (for est) n. 1. Eekeekeek.
Forward (for ward) adj. 1. Ando.
Free (free) adj. 1. Che.
Freedom (free dumm) n. 1. Yub nub.
Friend (frend) n. 1. Jeerota.
From (frum) n. 1. Kla.
Gee whiz (jee wiz) 1. Ee chee wa maa.
Give (giv) v. 1. Ehshtee.
Glider (gly dur) n. 1. Hveetin.
Go (goh) v. 1. Treek.
Good (good) adj. 1. Thees. 2. Goot.
Good-bye (gud by) 1. Yeha.
Ground (grownd) n 1. X'eef.
Guide (gyde) v. 1. Bingee.
Hands (handz) n. 1. Grek.
Happy (hap pee) adj. 1. Drik.
Hear (heer) v. 1. Akeeata.
Help (help) v. 1. Chyasee.
Here (heer) adj. 1. Thek.
Hey (hay) interj. 1. Ee choya.
Heart (hart) n. 1. Teeket.
Hello (hell loh) 1. Sku.
Hi (hy) 1. Goopa.
Hit (hitt) v. 1. Ruha.
Hold on (hold on) 1. Grenchicit.
Home (hoam) n. 1. Weewa.
House (howss) n. 1. Weewa.
How (how) 1. Kash.
Hurray (hur ray) 1. Yubnub.
Hurt (hert) v. 1. Seefo.
I (eye) 1. Meechoo.
Important (im poor tunt) adj. 1. X'iutha.
In (in) adj. 1. Zeeg.
Journey (jur nee) n. 1. Treekthin.
Jump (jump) v. 1. Yayath.
Kill (kill) v. 1. E s'eesht.
Listen (liss en) v. 1. Arandee.
Long (lawng) adj. 1. Eetee.
Lost (lost) adj. 1. Lungee.
Love (luv) n. 1. Nuv.
Magic (maj ick) n. 1. Azar.
Map (mapp) n. 1. Reshee.
Maybe (may bee) 1. Danthee.
May I have (may i hav) 1. Chiotto.
Medicine (med ih sin) n. 1. Fektur.
Monster (mon stir) n. 1. Graks.
Moon (moon) n. 1. Chiutatal.
More (moor) adj. 1. Etke.
Mother (muth ur) n. 1. Shodu.
Mountain (moun tun) n. 1. Churi.
Much (much) adj. 1. Chuck.
Name (naym) n. 1. Sheeu.
Never (neh vur) adj. 1. Eleeo.
No (noh) 1. Den.
Now (now) 1. Sta.
Nut (nutt) n. 1. Yungyet.
Okay (oh kay) 1. Acha.
Old (old) adj. 1. Yeh.
Out (owt) adj. 1. Zehg.
Over (oh vur) adj. 1. Eedada.
Peace (peess) n. 1. Yehan.
Pixie (picks see) n. 1. Luka yit.
Plant (plant) n. 1. Feef.
Please (pleez) 1. Gyeesh.
Polar (pol lur) adj. 1. Pola.
Pond (pond) n. 1. Heth.
Power (pau wur) n. 1. Paamuk. 2. Powa.
Pull (pool) v. 1. Aahrgutcha.
Push (puhsh) v. 1. Geetch.
Quick (quik) adj. 1. Veek.
Quiet (quy ett) adj. 1. T'hesh.
Rain (rayn) n. 1. Ooba.
Ready (red ee) adj. 1. Kra.
Rejoice (ree joyss) v. 1. Yupyup.
Right (ryte) adj. 1. Yesh.
Rock (rokk) n. 1. Thuck.
Ruins (roo inz) n. 1. Rueenee.
Sad (sad) adj. 1. Glek.
Shelter (shell tur) n. 1. Gooka.
Sick (sikk) adj. 1. Drin.
Silly (sil lee) adj. 1. Lurd.
Sing (sing) v. 1. Lulalar.
Sister (siss tur) n. 1. Freet.
Soon (soon) adj. 1. Sut.
Spirit Tree (speer it tree) n. 1. Kna Naa.
Station (staysh un) n. 1. Stoja.
Stop (stopp) v. 1. Na goo.
Sun (sunn) n. 1. Sunee. 2. Tal.
Sweet (sweet) adj. 1. Oodeef.
Thank you (thank yoo) v. 1. Teeha.
That's (thatss) 1. Dee fratta.
The (thuh) 1. Tu. 2. Ta.
Them (them) 1. Chaa.
Thing (thing) n. 1 Yit.
To (too) 1. Ota.
Too (too) adj. 1. Oh.
Top (topp) adj. 1. De opra.
Tribe (trybe) n. 1. Na-chin.
Upper (upp pur) adj. 1. De oppra.
Warrior (wor ee or) n 1. Shetai.
Water (wuh tur) n. 1. Ah-ah.
Where (ware) 1. Enenah.
Where is..? (ware iz) 1. Ne gata.
Which (wich) 1. Noroway.
Who (hoo) 1. Kush.
Wokling (wok ling) n. 1. Mookiee. (1)
Wow (wow) 1. Ee chee wa maa.
Yes (chack) 1. Chak.


This is the language or accent spoken by the Gungans. It is very similar to Galactic Basic, and is most likely greatly influenced by it.
Berry (bair ree): Very.
Bodooka (boh doo kah): Energy ball.
Bo-ganya (boh gan yah): Dome shaped force field.
Bombad (bohm-bahd): (1) fierce (2) cool
Boopjak (boop jak): A big mistake.
Clanken: A Seperatist clanker (Also known as a B-1 battle droid)
Crunchen (krunch en): Fighting.
Da (dah): The.
Disa: This
fearen: fear
Heyo-dalee (hay yo dail lee): Hello.
Joben: job
Logreena (loe gree nah): Forest.
Meesa (mee sah): (1) I. (2) Me. (3) My (my) (4) I am.
Moie Moie (mooy-ee mooy-ee): Very Good
Nosa (noe sah): No.
Okeyday (oh kee day): (1) Okay. (2) OK.
Oursa (awr-sah): Ours
pallo (pah-loh): Pal
spicen: spice
Tongue-grabben (tung grab enn): Eating.
Yesa (yess ah): Yes.
Yousa (yoo sah) ?. 1. You. 2. Your.


Above (ah buv) adj. 1. Tillba.
Always (all wayz) adj. 1. Gomjam.
Bantha (bann thuh) n. 1. Ugama.
Bargain (bar gun) n. 1. Bom’loo.
Below (bee loh) adj. 1. Nufuzu.
Blast (blast) v. 1. Shootogawa.
Broken (broh kenn) adj. 1. Ko lopo.
Burn (bern) v. 1. Ha'mfoo.
Cave (cayv) n. 1. Kiizci.
Chant (chant) v. 1. Hazamuzee.
City (sit tee) n. 1. Jubinloo.
Clan (klan) n. 1. Ayafa.
Clean (kleen) v/n. 1. Meeglay.
Cliff (clif) n. 1. Dikwass.
Cloud (clowd) n. 1. Kiluyak.
Cold (coald) adj. 1. Oko.
Cook (koohk) v. 1. Bazzok.
Credit (kred it) n. 1. Toineepa.
Days (dayz) n. 1. Baba.
Desert (dezz urt) n. 1. Waff’mla.
Dune (doon) n. 1. Rillo.
Empire (em py ur) n. 1. Umpee.
Encampment (en kamp ment) n. 1. Cirkoza.
Enemy (en uh me) n. 1. Hunya.
Equal (ee kwawl) adj. 1. Ysas.
Far (far) adj. 1. Bok.
Fix (ficks) v. 1. Tando.
Food (fude) n. 1. Sooga.
Friend (frend) n. 1. Eyeta.
Give (giv) v. 1. Opawi.
Go (goh) v. 1. Ashuna.
Good-bye (good by) 1. Ubanya.
Good day (good day) 1. Ubanya.
Greetings (gree tingz) 1. M’um m’aloo.
Hello (hell loh) 1. M’um m’aloo.
High (hy) adj. 1. Ogo.
Hole (hole) n. 1. M'nuta.
Hot (hott) adj. 1. Wass.
How (how) 1. Buja.
I (eye) 1. Ikee.
Junk (junk) n. 1. Dooka.
Knife (nife) n. 1. Ratapa.
Large (larj) adj. 1. Jar k’osa.
Later (layt tur) adj. 1. Yaytah.
Long ago (lowng ah goh) adj. 1. Kebee'oto.
Market (marr kett) n. 1. Upezzo.
Mountain (mown tun) n. 1. Bopom Kova.
No (noh) 1. Nyeta.
Okay (oh kay) 1. Mambay.
Pray (pray) v. 1. Perupa.
Repair (ree pare) v. 1. Kurruzza.
Rust (russt) n. 1. Rubac.
Sail Barge (sail barj) n. 1. Lo'wassa.
Sand (sand) n. 1. Ton ton.
Scanner (skan ur) n. 1. Dook'wab.
Sea (see) n. 1. Lika.
Shoot (shoot) v. 1. Shootogawa.
Sleep (sleep) v. 1. Shanay.
Spare parts (spayr parts) n. 1. Opakwa.
Speeder (spee dur) n. 1. Speeda.
Stars (starz) n pl. 1. Lopima.
Steal (steel) v. 1. M'tuske.
Stop (stahpp) v. 1. Sabioto.
Thanks (thankss) 1. Taa baa.
Thank you (thank yu) 1. Taa baa.
Them (thehm) n. 1. Chikua.
Tomorrow (too mar oh) adj. 1. Takiik.
Up (uhpp) adj. 1. Okka.
Vaporator (vapp or rate or) n. 1. Vapposza.
Walk (wallk) v. 1. Umka.
Warm (warm) adj. 1. Pibboz.
Water (woot tur) n. 1. N'lappu.
Weapon (wepp un) n. 1. Keeza.
Where (ware) 1. Ookwass.
Wow (wow) 1. Utinni.
Yes (yess) 1. Ibana.
Yesterday (yes tur day) n. 1. Neng ooka.


This is a language spoken by the Geonosians. Similar to some African languages, it consists of some "clicking" letters.
A (ay) 1. Woe. (4)
And (and) 1. Toe. (4)
Arena (ah ree nah) n. 1. Atoe. (4)
Away (uh way) 1. Nvip.
Beast Battle (beest bat tul) n. 1. Venation. (2, 4)
Been (bin) v. 1. Ty. 2. Kly. (4)
Begin (bee ginn) v. 1. Hundit.
Catacombs (kat ah comez) n. 1. As-koh.
Charged (charjd) 1. Watt. (4)
Combat (cahm bat) n. 1. Petranki. (7,8)
Communications (cuh myoon ih kaysh unz) n. 1. Klee. (4)
Course (corss) 1. Pweep. (4)
Doomed (doomd) adj. 1. Veet. (4)
Find out (fynd owtt) v. 1. Aukauk.
For (for) 1. Ann. (4)
Found (fownd) v. 1. Kleee. (4)
Gladiator (glad ee ay tor) n. 1. Picador. (10)
Have (hav) v. 1. Toot. 2. Voo.(4)
If (iff) 1. Ko. (4)
In (inn) 1. Kee. (4)
Let (lett) v. 1. Bey. (4)
My (my) 1. Kleee. (4)
Of (uhv) 1. Kly. (4)
Our (ow ur) 1. Ah. 2. Mah. (4)
Spectacle (spek tah kul) n. 1. Venation. (2, 4)
The (thuh) 1. Oh. 2. Ko. (4)
Them (them) 1. Dey.
They (thay) 1. Dey. 2. Kweep. (4)
Thread (thred) n. 1. Visgura. (2,7)
To (too) 1. Ek. 2. Irsh. (4)
We (wee) 1. Kee. (4)
What (wutt) 1. Ah. (4)
You (yu) 1. Vis. (4)
Your (yoor) 1. Da. (4)
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2016.12.25 04:29 Navae26 Xmas special song of the week - Exquisite Corpes

Link to song
Adam Vida
Rafael Casal
Daveed Diggs
Chinka Hodge
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2016.11.04 22:35 Deepfriedghostie All your friends are the wrong color

So I have 2 best fiends one he's panic and the other a light skinned balck girl my mother hated that as a white girl they were my best friends in middle and high school. Came home from seeing a movie with my friend nick she called my a chinka lover said no white man would want me. Even after I siad nick was gay. She hate that my other friend was black called my a n**ger lover for sleeping over at her house.
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2016.08.17 13:29 HateHating Chinka przeżyła 38 godzin w morzu po wypadnięciu za burtę statku pasażerskiego

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2016.07.27 18:03 TACHIKOMATIC_ Building my first custom loop, help and advice appreciated

Long story short; bought an AIO cooler from NZXT, the Kraken X61, was disappointed because it was horribly loud. Switched to a Cryorig R1 Ultimate, disappointed because of the thermals (trying to cool the CPU without having to increase the noise to the 40dB levels).
Grabbed myself an ASUS GTX 1080 Strix, and while it does not get TOO loud or too hot, I'd still love the system being more quiet and the GPU being a tad bit cooler as well.
The thing is; I've been eyeing at a custom loop for ages but I haven't gotten into it because I've been a bit short of the chinka-dink but now I've been saving up and I've decided to try one out. I just don't know how. I've studied the subject a lot and while I do understand the general idea, I'm terrified when it comes to choosing the parts.
If any of you would be helpful enough to guide me through the whole process, I'd be forever grateful. I usually am on the giving end but I just feel helpless looking at the EKWB Configurator. What parts do I need? What should I get? I'd like to have the system look sick af, but I don't need to go overboard with it. I've seen some builds with beautiful monoblocks (at least I think that's what they were) and reservoirs, I'd like to have something flashy, something that would be worthy to be the Rig of the Month, but I dont want it to scream how leet cod slayer I am.
I'll keep going in the comments if people bother to respond.
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2016.04.18 04:53 JonnyDarkLord I have translated some of Greedo's quips for you guys

Bare with me now, some of these were quite difficult to translate due to how they're spelled etc and the exact translation doesn't always make grammatical sense (the Irish language is very similar) these are rough translations, so I could be completely wrong, so I apologise. I also apologise if this is formatted awfully as I'm using my mobile.
1: "Solo, nopa patty tokey" = "Solo, not this time" (I only know this because the Twi'lek and Weequay say "nopa patty tokey" when doing the Not This time emote)
2: "No bata ya donka" = "Not back there ????" (Donka is a word Greedo says a lot, but I can't find a translation. In the context of how he says it, I believe it to be idiot, or fool)
3: "Steeth che nee choo" = "Sixth for death" (Greedo sometimes says this when using his scan pulse style ability, a "sixth sense" if you will)
4: "Chinka chinka"= "Charge, charge"
5: "Stuka sa noleeya sa dusta" = "looks like you're in the dust"
6: "Blastoh Rebellion" = "blasted Rebellion/shoot the Rebellion"
7: "??? Sa crispo" = "??? Is fried/killed"
8: "Ya Tagwa" = "There, yes" (says this when activating scan pulse effect)
9: "Mee crispo" = "I'm fried/dead" (i think this iis a reference to his confidence meter in a funny way. I was taking damage when he said this. My confidence was at its lowest, but I had like 55% health)
10:"Doopee tonka" = "move up"
I'm afraid that's all I could make out on the recording of my gameplay
EDIT: an additional one, thanks to u/dudeguy_loves_reddit
11: "hahahaha bata jee" = "hahaha I'm back" (this one is a little difficult because of the "Jee" part, as it's hard to tell whether he's saying "jee" or "Che", as the VA pronounces things strangely at times. If its "Che" it means "hahaha back for", but he doesn't state what he's back for)
DICE, if you're reading this, please send me a list of what Greedo is saying, please!!!
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2016.01.26 18:30 Master_Scientist LPT: Adding an "a" or replacing the previous ending of a racial slur makes it not racist!

Examples: Nigga, Chinka, Wetbacka, Gringa, Honkeya, Towel Heada, Wankaa, Yanka, Beana, Choloa, Half-Breeda, Jigaboa, Rednecka, Sand Nigga, Spica, White Trasha, All of these are respectable slang terms you could use at any time if you are in public and cant be racist.
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2015.08.22 13:24 hQx7o7omMbZcBKLmG3bc LLLてきとう名曲アルバム "TULA CAJIGAS - CHINKA CHINKA"

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